The journey continues . . .

Welcome to Rambling On.

After 10 months writing I Love Footscray for The Age online, it’s time for me to spread my wings and explore the freedom of cyberspace

I’m a journalist by trade, working from 1998 to 2007 at The Age in Melbourne.

After six years in Footscray, my wife Cathy and I decided it was time for a two-year trip exploring community, faith, culture, development and music taking in countries from South-East Asia, India, Africa and Europe.

We’re now in Edinburgh, trying to settle into our new lives, missing home terribly and trying to make sense of everything that we’ve seen and experienced.

I’ll update this more in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll just paste in the profile that I wrote for my I Love Footscray blog. To peruse the archives of that blog to find out more about where we’ve been, head to

About David Cook

After living in Footscray for six years my wife Cathy and I decided to undertake a world trip that included five months in the developing world and then settling in Edinburgh, Scotland, for almost 14 months where we are now (see itinerary further below).

For years we’ve been exploring issues of community, justice and poverty through organisations like TEAR Australia, Urban Seed, UNOH and others. We thought it was time to get a first-hand experience of life for people in the developing world, and the ways that different organisations are responding.

Now that we’ve made it to Edinburgh, Cathy is studying a one-year masters in theological ethics at Edinburgh University, specialising in ecological ethics, and I’m trying to find a job to pay for it all.

Who am I?
I’ve been a journalist for the past 11 years. After finishing my journalism degree at RMIT, I
worked for two years at The Riverine Herald in Echuca before returning to Melbourne to join The Age. In that time I have worked in just about every section of the paper in sub-editing, layout and production roles, along with editing and managing special projects. My most recent role was in the Strategic Publications department. I had to resign my position with The Age to undertake this trip, and now contribute as a freelancer.

Concurrent with my time at The Age I’ve been involved with the work of Urban Seed, a
Christian organisation working with the marginalised and homeless of Melbourne’s CBD. This began with a three-year stint living in the CBD as part of a team running a regular open lunch in Credo cafe, along with other associated community development activities. Since moving to Footscray in late 2000 I’ve maintained my involvement.

Over the years my interest in international development issues has been nurtured through a growing association with and support for TEAR Australia. In 2005 I completed the first two subjects of an international development degree at RMIT, and then last year took time off from The Age to work a short-term contract with Plan Australia as part of the Commonwealth Games Goodwill Partnership.

I’m also an information junkie, and have a passion for pop culture and music, particularly that of the heavy variety. In the last few years I’ve been writing album and concert reviews for The Age, and I’m hoping to make it to festivals such as Glastonbury and Rock Am Ring while in Europe.

I’m a mass of contradictions, but hopefully along the way I can provide some stories that are informative, challenging, controversial and entertaining.


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