Some more pictures …

Well, it would seem that I’m completely rubbish at writing a blog regularly unless I’m motivated by writing for the website of a highly regarded broadsheet newspaper.

But the flip side is that we’ve been having a great time exploring Scotland and other places.

For some of the latest galleries of pictures of our adventures, follow the links below to my Facebook photo albums.

About two weeks after our brief sojourn back in Australia for Dianna’s wedding, we headed off to Holy Island again for a long weekend. You can view pictures here.

We also joined some of Cathy’s classmates from Edinburgh Uni for a 40th birthday party at the Sheep’s Heid hotel, one of the oldest pubs in Scotland, where we had beer and skittles – and I mean real skittles in a very old bowling alley. See pictures here.

I also spent a day exploring Linlithgow Castle, where Mary, Queen of Scots, was born – it’s only about 20 minutes on the train from Edinburgh. You can look at some pictures here.

But our most recent adventures, in late October/early November, included a week in the Netherlands on a quest to find some of Cathy’s family history, and a week in the Islands and Highlands of Scotland, including Skye, Harris and Lewis. You can see pictures of the Netherlands here and here, and some quite spectacular images of our Highlands and Islands adventures here and here.

I hope that’s enough to keep anyone who’s still reading this blog satisfied. We’ve only got six weeks left in Scotland, and then we’re heading for Ireland for about 10 days, and then on to Europe.


One response to “Some more pictures …

  1. We have a Linlithgow Avenue leading up to the Shrine of Remembrance ! Ther is of course the coalmining town of Lithgow in the Central West of NSW.

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