A long time between drinks

It’s been quite a while since my last entry, apologies to all who’ve been waiting for another instalment.The ring of Brogdar

Travelling to and from Glasgow takes up a fair bit of my time, but over the past two months any spare time I’ve had has gone into finishing a major report for Plan International based on our time in India. It was a big job, blowing out to 25,000 words including appendices, but now that’s done and sent so I’m hoping to blog about once a week from now on.

I’m still trying to figure out how to use WordPress effectively, particularly for photos, so if anyone has any tips they’d be very welcome!

Even with the Plan report and working full time, we’ve still had opportunities to experience different aspects of Scotland. Between Christmas and New Year we spent time with friends, made another trip to Holy Island, and partied in the street for Hogmanay (New Year), which is highly overrated. They really need some Aussies to come and teach them how to run an event – tens of thousands of people standing around on cold concrete with nowhere to sit, stages with poor sound, and only Fosters to drink makes for a pretty average event.
About a month ago we headed to the northern coast of Scotland to a little town called Thurso. From here we caught the ferry over to Orkney and explored 5000-year-old ruins, and an ancient burial cairn with 800-year-old Viking graffiti. It was spectacular and highly recommended.
Now we’re looking forward to the days getting longer and (slightly) warmer, and visits from friends, including Paul and Amber from our Urban Seed networks in May.
That’ll have to do for now – i’ll try to put a couple of pix up, but for family and friends over the next week I’ll be putting heaps more up on my Facebook page as well.

More to come over the coming weeks.


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